Proton Therapy Centre with wall thickness of 28 ft and slab thickness of 10 ft

Project:  Proton Therapy Centre, Houston, Texas
28 ft wall thickness, 10 ft. slab thickness, 102,257 ft² floor area

MEVA Systems: MEVA heavy-duty wall formwork Imperial with 2,025 psf load capacity

Concreting Specifications: 

  • 3,000 mixer loads of concrete delivered in 10 minutes intervals
  • 300 cubic yards (8122 ft3) of concrete poured every hour
  • 2 concrete pumps running at max. performance (140-160 instead of the normal 90-100 cy/h)

Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Springfield, OH

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
... more than just formwork
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