In Vienna’s 6th district, Mariahilf, an old building was renovated under difficult conditions.

Project: Restoration of an old building, mixed construction using in-situ concrete and prefabricated components

Contractor: Swietelsky Baugestellschaft m.b.H.

MEVA systems: AluStar wall formwork, MevaFlex slab formwork, LAB 130 working platform, MEP shoring tower system

Engineering and support: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Pfaffstätten, Austria, Roswitha Braun



“Pick-up sticks” scaffolding in a very confined space

When construction companies think about the restoration of historic districts, their enthusiasm tends to be subdued. The foremen and their teams often face tricky tasks due to narrow access roads, lack of storage space and complicated logistics. “In many cases, manual work is necessary because the crane cannot be used everywhere on the building site”, says Gerhard Wagesreite, area manager at MEVA Austria, who was responsible for the construction site in Vienna’s Gumpendorfer Straße. This is ideal territory for the lightweight AluStar formwork and the flexible MEVA shoring towers and working platforms.

Walter Zolles, the foreman for the construction company Swietelsky, used the lightweight AluStar wall formwork for the first time and was very impressed. Especially on this meandering construction site, where balconies and patios were installed and one to two storeys were removed, not all working areas were accessible via the crane. Hence, the AluStar formwork had to be transported by hand. The LAB 130 working platform was also much appreciated, according to Gerhard Wagesreiter: “The non-slip planking made of aluminium checkered sheet received high praise – and, of course, the fact the system was ready for use on delivery.” In the confined 6th district of Vienna the MEVA scaffolding and work platforms were able to make full use of their advantages with regard to efficiency and safety. Project Restoration of an old building, mixed construction using in-situ concrete and prefabricated components Contractor Swietelsky Baugestellschaft m.b.H. MEVA systems n AluStar wall formwork n MevaFlex slab formwork n LAB 130 working platform n MEP shoring tower system Engineering and support MEVA Schalungs- Systeme GmbH, Pfaffstätten, Austria Thus, the only thing left to do was erect the 25-metre-long working platform at a height of 16 metres.

Larger floor plan in the upper storeys. 

When the construction site is used as a materials store at the same time, the space-saving MEP shoring tower system is able play to its strengths. Upfront planning played a decisive role in ensuring that everything proceeded smoothly so that the scaffolding and working platforms were delivered punctually. This was the responsibility of Roswitha Braun from MEVA Austria’s technical team: “One of the objectives of this project was to retain the existing slabs while replacing the walls. This meant we had to install the scaffolding starting at the bottom, as it was not possible to install the formwork from above for technical reasons.” The MEP shoring tower system was positioned at at a height of 16 metres on a 62 m² supporting structure. We were then able to plan and pour a floor area on the top storey using concrete beams for the protruding balconies and inset balconies that created a floor area that was then larger than the floor plan of the building. In the 6th district of Vienna, as in other old cities, every square metre of living space counts.

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